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Shower Ideas

Would like a seat in your custom shower? I can be a full length bench seat or a simple corner seat. Either way, my clients have always said sitting in the shower is a real joy at the end of a long day!

With heavy glass frameless shower doors, the location you place this seat can have an impact on the door location and swing of your shower door. Unlike conventional shower doors, our custom shower doors swing both in and out of the shower. When the door swings in, it may come in contact with the edge of a tile bench seat in its path. This is a situation we need to avoid, as the edge of a shower door hitting tile can cause an unwelcome result! In some cases, we may need to restrict the door to an outswing only.

Sometimes it can get a little bit complicated, as the location and swing of the door is also affected by the commode location, entry door into the bath, shower control location, etc!

Absolute Glass Interiors will help you with the design of your custom shower, frameless shower, or just a new frameless shower door. There are so many things to think about when creating your own custom shower enclosure. With over 30 years experience, we can help you design the shower of your dreams! Let us help you say Wow! when you see the results!

Frameless Shower Doors

In years past, you may have had a shower/tub with a shower curtain. Then, you stepped up to a framed shower door (a shower door that has thin metal framing on all four sides). Then, you may have thought: Well, a frameless shower door or a complete frameless glass shower would certainly enhance the look of my bathroom. How about it?

Frameless Shower Door Basics:

  • Better Looking - Face it, frameless glass shower doors look great. It's a simple slab of thick tempered glass that pivots smoothly from the shower wall or a glass shower enclosure.
  • Thicker Glass - Because frameless shower doors do not have the structural benefit of metal framing, the glass must be thicker. Glass is typically about a quarter-inch thick.
  • Heavy - A 72" x 36" frameless door may weigh as much as 70 pounds. Compare to a framed shower door, which may weigh about 45-50 pounds.
  • Easier to Clean - Solid sheet of glass has no framing to impede cleaning.
  • Left or Right Opening - Most frameless doors have the option of hinges being installed on either side
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