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Shower Doors

There are many types of shower door styles, glass types, and panel configurations, selecting which door will fit your bathroom decor and shower space can be challenging. There are Semi Frameless Shower Doors, frameless shower doors, swinging frameless shower doors, etc. Absolute Glass Interiors specializes in custom frameless shower doors for Knoxville and the surrounding area. You know the saying “You get what you pay for?” Well, not exactly. I see so many mistakes in the way shower doors are installed in Knoxville. Usually, it is from poor construction techniques that cause extra expense when designing the shower door. The most commonly found mistake I see on a consistent basis is improperly sloped curbs. It is the reason behind the myth that all frameless glass shower enclosures leak. The curb is the part of the shower that is a “step up” to get into the shower area. The curb could be considered the most important part of the shower. Anything less than 5% slope towards the drain, and it is prone to leakage because water will follow gravity. It is easier to get the proper slope towards the shower drain and eliminates the tile grout lines. Since the bottom seal of a frameless shower door rides on top of the curb and cannot follow into the grout lines, a solid threshold provides a better enclosure seal so water cannot leak out through the grout lines. For shower doors in Knoxville, TN, Call Joe at Absolute Glass Interiors. 865-583-9003.

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